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                                  DRY HANDS



 DISPENSES ALL known... Fresh and Saltwater aquatic fishing bait species most commonly used by fishermen for bait.

Bait size can be from one to four inches in length two inches in height.


Will dispense just about anything that swims or crawls in water that will slide through the dispensing chute opening.


 DELIVERS THEM ONE AT A TIME… into the palm of your hand with just tiny droplets of water traveling with the bait.


Thick, tough chemical and water resistant polyethylene insulated shell, encases both bottom and sides of the polypropylene inner liner to help stabilize maximum survivable water temperature both winter and summer. 

Its blue tented see through top lets you monitor your baits condition at a glance, and also lets you view your minnows or other bait-fish rising towards the exit chute when dispensing, to prevent more than one from exiting the chute.

The inverted funnel on the lid is used to return any extra bait that may accidentally exit when dispensing.



Comes standard with factory mounted D-battery operated bubble stone aerator that prevents the aerator from accidentally being torn off when transporting. This is a common problem with side mounted aerators. 


OUTER shell is available in white, blue, or pink.


Its low profile wide base design... makes it nearly impossible to accidentally kick or tip over on land, in your boat, or vehicle.


               100% AMERICAN MADE… 

One At A Time Bucket includes D-Battery Operated Stone Bubble Aerator

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