Dry Hands Minnow Bucket

Versatile Plastic Water Aerator Kit

Dry Hands Minnow Bucket LLC has decided to offer our aerators to our customers so they can be purchased individually. Each of our buckets will still include an aerator with them, but we realize the numerous applications that our customers could use these aerators with. The aerators require 2 D batteries (not included) to operate. The aerator kit includes 1" diameter airstone and approx. 20" long air line (not pictured).

Battery Operated Water Aerator
Single Aerator
$7.25 S/H
2 Pack Aerators
$13.20 S/H
5 Pack Aerators
$31.25 S/H
10 Pack Aerators
$59.25 S/H
20 Pack Aerators
$114.10 S/H

For large quantities please contact us for custom pricing.